Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More

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What exactly is staging? Think about it this way… when you walk into retail stores, there are often attractive displays that catch your attention and either draw you into the store, or to a particular area of the store. Your interest is sparked from first glance.

Since you are selling your house, it is now a commodity, and it needs to be marketed that way. Therefore you must display it in a way that catches people’s attention and draws them to the incredible features of your house, like the gorgeous view, fireplace, or French doors.






10 Reasons To Stage Your Home:     

1. Sell up to 50% Faster  

2. Receive 3-9% Higher Offers  

3. Less Work for Everyone: seller, buyer, agent 

4. Increased Buyer Interest 

5. Eliminate Price Reductions

6. Advantage Over Competitive Listings  

7. Staged Photos Show Better 

Plus, working with Just Perfect! includes

8. "Virtual Tours" to Use in Marketing  

9. Opportunities for Additional Exposure 

10. + MORE! 



The purpose of staging is to accentuate the positive features of the house that is being sold. We aim to turn every house into a model home, regardless of its age. When walking into the house, buyers need to feel like it could be theirs to move into tomorrow. They do NOT need to feel like they are walking into your home - this keeps them from emotionally connecting with the house.

There are many perceptions that your home gives off that you would probably never think of because you live there. Your personality and life needs to transfer to your new home, and the house you are selling needs to become a house that will appeal to the majority of buyers out there, without them having to try to imagine what it “could be”. Staging helps to achieve this.

Staging takes the focus off of what is in a house, and puts it on the house itself, and its wonderful features. Curb appeal, inside and out, is what it’s all about. Your house needs to be displayed, so that it grabs the attention of someone that sees it online, someone that drives by, and everyone that walks in the door! Staging, and the tasks it involves, will likely give you one of the best returns on investment of any change you can make to your home (according to 2003 Home Gain Survey). If you want your house to sell, make sure it’s being marketed like the must-have item in the window that draws you into a store. Stage your house, and put it on display for everyone to see and “aww” over!

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