Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More

Just Perfect! offers a wide variety of home services. Whether you’re selling a house, moving in to a new home, or just need a little organization in your life – we are here to help. Our work is of the highest standards and our clients’ best interests are put first. We would love to work with you to accomplish your goals.





Why is staging so important? A very small percentage of buyers - only 10% - can visualize the potential of a house.

The house you’re trying to sell often sends signals to potential buyers:
    • Laundry left out and unfinished chores remind them of everyday life… they’re looking for a fresh start!
    • To-do lists are a sign that the house needs work done.
    • Dirty bathrooms and kitchens may lead them to assume the house hasn’t been kept up.
    • Closets and cabinets packed full imply that space is limited.
    • Personal items and photographs make it harder for them to envision the house as their own.
    • A crowded room suggests their furniture may not fit.


The problem with the way we decorate our homes is that we are so very personal about it. Prospective buyers get distracted; they start to feel like they are intruding into someone else’s space. What sellers want is for the buyers to feel like they are walking into something that is already theirs. They also want to minimize the negatives and accentuate the positives.

- Karen Gram, The Vancouver Sun


The goals behind staging and interior decorating/design are completely different. Staging is a marketing strategy that strives to make a house appeal to the majority and focuses on the features of the house. Interior design reflects the home owner’s personal tastes and focuses on the décor and furniture to create the ideal living space for that individual.





"Bringing Your Home's Best Features Forward!"

Just Perfect! offers both Vacant and Occupied home staging.

Start Here! Just Perfect!'s Free introductory meeting: Allows us to get to know you and your goals so that we can determine how we can best meet your needs.  Allows you to get to know what we do, how we work, and how you will benefit. 

Time - Approximately 30-60 minutes

Location- Just Perfect! 259 South Kerr Avenue Wilmington, NC 28403 (or at your office)


Vacant Staging: Staging your vacant inventory home will fill it with the warmth and attractiveness buyers are searching for!  We will make our best recommendation for your property, which is a minimum of the main rooms of the house, but we are flexible and able to accommodate the various goals and budgets of our clients.  Perfect for any builder trying to get as much as they can out of their product, as quickly as possible.  Our services enhance not only your property's marketability, but also your brand's.  


Model Homes and Builder Partnerships: We offer a full range of customizable services for our builder and developer clients.  From floor plan review with suggestions, to color selections, to staging... we can help you ensure your homes have the most appeal they possibly can to all the buyers out there.  Often decreasing your time, energy and costs while increasing profits for you... we will make the perfect addition to your team.  We also allow you the flexibility for your models to have a personality of their own, and for each floor plan to show uniquely.






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