Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More


 July 26th 2013 Kay called us for information about color consults. Her friend from Chicago had her parents home staged after they passed and told Kay she should look for a local stager to help her get her mothers home ready for her to live in.

When we first met Kay it was Colby’s  first project. Jessica and Colby went over to the home and Jessica told Colby to take the lead on her first redesign. Colby was hesitant to lead her first project but excited for the opportunity.
Kay shared that her mother left her the home. Kay has one brother and Kay got the home while her brother got the apartment at the beach. Her mother always told her that someday the home would be Kay's. She wanted to update the home since it was older but to keep a lot of it the same; this was the home she grew up in and she loved the memories she had in it.
The home was built in 1969 Her mother Angeline moved here from Greece and met her father William they fell in love and got married in Pittsburgh in september of 1939 then moved to Wilmington where they built their home and started a family. From the beginning the project was a constant balancing act between bringing Kay’s vision to life while still staying true to the character and sentimental value of the home.

Kay wanted to take her time with the project and didn’t want to be rushed. She wanted to make certain that she loved everything they put into the home and didn’t want to move in until everything was complete.

While working with Kay it was really hard to read her, because she knew what she wanted but had a difficult time making decisions since she had seen these rooms the same for decades;  she was comfortable with the rooms the way they were and changing them meant letting pieces go of her childhood and memories of her mother. If she was going to commit she really wanted to utilize the spaces to their full potential. With each meeting and visit Kay had magazine clippings or pictures ready for Colby. Kay couldn’t always explain the ideas in her mind but the photos helped her express the style she was interested in.

They took it one room at a time:
The Porch/Sunroom
The Kitchen
The Master Bed + Bath
The Den

The Hallway
The Jack + Jill Bath

With the biggest transformations in the kitchen and the porch every bit of this house holds amazing memories and there will only be more to come from Kay and her family. Kay only purchased two new pieces of furniture for the whole house. She wanted to bring it from 1969 to 2014 but keep the characteristics that reminded her of her childhood home.
“If I was going to live here I had to make it the way I wanted it, but It was my mothers home and it will always be my mothers home.” -Kay S.


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