Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More

Just Perfect! offers a wide variety of home services. Whether you’re selling a house, moving in to a new home, or just need a little organization in your life – we are here to help. Our work is of the highest standards and our clients’ best interests are put first. We would love to work with you to accomplish your goals.




Welcome Home Service: Are you moving into a new house and don't know quite where to put things? Or just don't have time to get things set up like home?  Are you merging households?  Once you move in, we can help expedite the time it takes to turn your new house into your home.  Let go of all the stress and unrest that builds up when you look at empty walls and see all of your photos piled up in a closet.  We optimize furniture placement, hang your photos and artwork, and place accessories so that your new home feels like you've been there forever.  

Time - Full Day +

Cost - Starting at $800

Color + Finish Selections: Color consultations are also a great service available – it’s amazing the difference a new paint job can make. The color of a room can affect its size, its lighting, your mood, and even your appetite! So get rid of all those paint chips you have lying around the house and finally do something about it!  This also can help with choosing flooring, countertop, cabinet, light fixture finishes... you name it!  Our team of professionals can help simplify the job of making the perfect selections for your room or entire home!

Time - Approximately 1-2 hours

Cost - Starting at $150

Idea Consultation: Are you a Do-It-Yourself-er that just needs some ideas to get started?  Do you want to do the shopping but need to be pointed in the direction of where to go and what to look for?  Are you considering redesign, or remodeling, but not ready to commit and just want an idea of what could be done?  If this sounds like you, the idea consultation is the way to go.  We come out and talk about whatever space and design dilemma you have.  We can give you ideas and get you motivated and on the way to making the transformation come to life!

Time - Hourly

Cost - Starting at $150 for the first hour.  Discounted rate for additional time and follow up appointments.

Complete ReDesign Service: Are you tired of your current decor?  Do you feel like you have tried everything and can't make a space feel the way you want it to?  Or do you know you want to do something different, but don't have the time?  This is where our redesign services come in.  This service starts with a free, 30 min. Orientation where we will get to know your style, what you like and don't like, what your goals are, and determine whether our company and services are the perfect fit for your needs! If any purchases need to be made, you can purchase through us, or we can simply make suggestions for you. Then, we will install everything for you to come back to and be Wow-ed!

Time - 1/2 Day + 

Cost - Starting at $450

Furniture + Decor Purchases: Need a piece or two but not sure where to go or just don't want to?  We can accommodate just about any style through our trade-only resources to help find pieces that will be perfect for your space!

Cost - varies

+ More: If there is anything you’d like us to help you with or do for you that is not one of the standard services offered by Just Perfect!, please let us know. We’d be more than happy to try to accommodate your request.

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