Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More
Just Perfect! Staging and More


"We had it staged immediatley!"

"We couldn't wait to show it off!"


"I thought only million dollar homes staged"


"Staging gave an idea of what the house could be"


"100% of feedback was positive"


"It was like night and day"


"Showed the best qualities my home had"


"Help sell your home the quickest"


"Made the difference"


"When we got the full price offer we were ecstatic"


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Will The Work That I Put In Pay Off?

"Within 12 days the property was under contract"

"Home sold in less than 7 days thanks to Just Perfect!"

"Staging was critical to the showing of the property"

"The end result was worth it"



  "Our realtor was saying consider staging  because the house had been on the market for a while and while the cost was more than I had imagined, we were only gonna do it (stage) for two months. We only ended up needing it for two months anyway! If I had it to do all over again, I would change the price to begin with and I would have staged it from the beginning.People could walk in and imagine how the rooms could be laid out, the keeping room with the two sofas looked nice and big and I wouldn’t have envisioned it set up like that so overall we were happy. Staging helps bring people in and the property just looked better with furniture instead of an empty house. "
Angie Hall, Homeowner

  "We built a beautiful house on a phenomenal lot and were sure, even with the market slow down, that it would sell quickly. Our sparkling new ECI Construction NC home was on the market for several months. We received a few offers , but nothing we could take seriously. A coworker and friend recommended Just Perfect Home Staging. The process was easy and the staff super friendly and cooperative. They even made a web site for our property featuring the staged areas! The inviting selections complimented the home beautifully . We received a serious offer about a month after the staging. If you're considering staging your home, make it Just Perfect and get it sold!! I just wish we had discovered this company sooner!"


Sara Muhle, Homeowner

   "Staging with Just Perfect! was painless really. The hardest part was coordinating on our end, getting everything out quickly to get the house on the market. I think staging was beneficial because most people now a days do all their shopping online and with staging they were able to actually see what each room would look like as opposed to empty.
Our house sold in 3 days and I contribute 100% to staging. Working in tandem with our agent the staging helped tremendously. It may be a first gut instinct to say staging is too expensive but it pays off two fold. Bite the bullet short term and it pays off in the long run. It's gonna save you time and money.
Just Perfect! knows what they're doing. Everything went smoothly, they told us when not to be home and got things done, stuck to the deadlines and it helped greatly on our end. I would absolutely recommend staging with Just Perfect! to home sellers in the future."


Rebecca Lawrence, Homeowner

   "We recommend that all of our clients stage their homes so they can sell them more quickly and net more money on the sale of their homes. They are SO MANY homes to choose from on the market, and we just believe that it's very important to get our listings looking as great as they possibly can. This is important not only for when buyers come look at the house, but it's really, really important to get it staged and looking great BEFORE we take pictures of the house, since those pictures end up being sent to hundreds of different websites and thousands of potential home buyers. 
   Of course, being "in the business," I thought that I could probably skip the staging when I sold my personal home. But I decided that I would be crazy if I didn't take my own advice that we give to all of our clients who sell their homes. So we staged our home with Just Perfect.  Our home sold quickly in less than 90 days, even though it was listed over $400k, which is a price range that normally averages as much as 279 days to sell.  We highly recommend working with Just Perfect Home Staging if you want to sell your house quickly and net the most amount of money you can from the sale of your home!"
Stephanie & Ladd Gasparovic, Homeowners/Agents

 "Our family needed to sell my grandparents' house during a depressed real estate market. Like many of the homes in the neighborhood, my grandparents' home stayed on the market for six months without an offer, at which time we decided to change our strategy. I had heard about staging and I felt we definitely needed help to make my grandparents' property more marketable. After pulling the house off the market, I conducted an online search and discovered Just Perfect!® Home Staging + More.
     Not only did I have a real estate challenge, I also had a logistical challenge. You see, I live more than six hours away from the property and I would not be able to physically meet with the stager or assist with the process.
     After my initial telephone consultation with Just Perfect!®, I was certain that I had found the ideal candidate for my job. My instincts were right on: Jessica reviewed the property and sent us a list that divided her suggestions into "Must", "Should", and "Helpful" categories. We reviewed her analysis, chose the items we wanted her to take on, and agreed on our budget and her fees.
     Being from out of town, we didn't know any service providers aside from the man who used to mow my grandparents' lawn. Jessica selected all of the subcontractors, negotiated pricing, and oversaw their work on our behalf. We didn't have a problem with any of the subcontractors, which is almost unheard of!   
     The team at Just Perfect!® ensured that the exterior and interior of the house were repainted; improved the landscaping; replaced appliances; replaced the carpet; helped us store our belongings; and were even there for the home inspection when we couldn't be present!
     Throughout the entire process, Jessica and her team were excellent communicators who proved to be both trustworthy and dependable. They kept us up-to-date on the home's progress and sent photos for us to review. We were so confident in her skills and so clear that she had our best interests at heart, we gave her free reign in staging the interior. With our blessing, Jessica chose all of the paint colors, lighting fixtures, carpets, and furniture on her own.
     When the project was complete, the house looked fantastic! We re-listed the house for a second time and closed the sale in less than three months. Just Perfect!® provided a wonderful experience as a virtual client thanks to Jessica's excellent communication skills and professionalism. These days, it's rare to describe someone as "overly helpful", but that's exactly the phrase I'd use. I highly recommend Jessica Pirone and the team at Just Perfect!"
Justin Masucci, Homeowner

  "Great color selections and furniture placement to showcase the best features of the home!"
 Whitney Leonard , Century21 Sweyer

 "In March 2008, we put our home on the market.  Our son and daughter-in-law suggested we use a professional home stager, but initially, we did not heed their advice.  After our house had been on the market for about three months, we decided to give staging a try.  Our son did all of the scouting and recommended Just Perfect!® Home Staging + More.
     Jessica came to the house with our REALTOR for an initial consultation.  I trusted Jessica's professional judgment, and really didn't care what changes she made to the house as long as she stayed within the budget I had set.  Jessica made recommendations and asked us about furniture and artwork that we had already put in storage.  Based on her suggestions, we pulled some of our own items from storage (end tables, artwork, etc) to be used in combination with props from the Just Perfect!® inventory.
     My husband and I were planning to leave town for a weekend trip, so we agreed that Jessica would stage the house while we were gone.  It was quite something to return home; after staging, the house looked remarkably different!  Jessica and the team at Just Perfect!® definitely know what they are doing - the effect was really nice.  I was especially pleased that she had been able to execute the look while working well within our budget.
     Less than a month later, our house was under contract.  Now, I'm convinced that staging really does help a house sell faster.  A professional stager can see things that a homeowner, who is personally attached to their space, cannot.  Just Perfect!® was able to de-personalize our house and highlight certain architectural features, increasing its marketability.  My advice to anyone who invests in home staging: trust the stager! By trusting Just Perfect! to apply their professional knowledge to our house, we quickly achieved the results we were looking for, despite a soft real estate market."
 Sherol, Homeowner

  "As a home builder, I recognize that many people need to visualize how they will live in their new home.  For one of our models, Just Perfect!® came up with a theme that allows prospective home buyers to do exactly that.  Key areas of the home were 'staged' just enough to show people how they might 'live' in the home, yet the staging actually complimented and did not take away from the features of the home.  When I saw the 'before and after' pictures, I was amazed at the difference! The home definitely has more appeal and I have no doubt that the staging will help us sell the home faster!"
 Sean McDonough, Atlantic Builders

"I first learned about Just Perfect!® Home Staging + More because other REALTORS® in my office had used the staging service with success.  I contacted Just Perfect!® when working with a seller who had way to much clutter to show her home effectively.  To maintain the best possible client-agent relationship, I prefer having a third-party professional intervene to counsel clients on changes to their home.
     During the client consultation, Jessica Pirone made many low-cost suggestions on how to improve potential buyers' perceptions of the space.  Some of her ideas included clearing kitchen counter tops, removing personal belongings, eliminating family photos, and changing bedspreads.
     My client followed Jessica's recommendations with great success: in a very competitive neighborhood with lots of homes for sale during a recessionary market, my client's house sold in just two weeks!  Needless to say, they were very pleased with Just Perfect!® (and with me).  With strong professional stagers like Jessica Pirone, everybody wins; just like her company name suggests - it's Just Perfect!"
 Melanie Cameron, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast

 "As a professional home builder, I learned the hard way that furnishing model homes is time-consuming and costly.  In addition to buying all the furniture for a model home, we had to deal with transporting it, cataloging it, packing it, storing it, and transporting it again.
     Just Perfect!® solved all of those problems for us.  Just Perfect!® rents items to us from their inventory so we don't have to buy furnishings, worry about transportation and storage, or waste resources trying to track and catalog inventory.
     In addition, Jessica and her team have a real talent for staging spaces to highlight the best features of a home.  The furnishings and accessories she selects don't compete with our construction, yet they are such a great enhancement, several clients have asked to buy our homes fully furnished, just like the model.  (They can; Just Perfect!® takes care of it.)
     As a business owner, staging makes a lot of sense: it has simutaneously helped us to contain costs and increase profits.  Most importantly, it allows me to concentrate on what I do best.  I highly recommend the staging process, and Just Perfect!® in particular."
 Samm Jernigan, Jernigan Homes

  "Jessica had great insight combined with personal friendliness in working with clients to effect the maximum potential of the home.  Ours sold within a week of following her advice!"
 Laura , Homeowner

"My company helps individuals with all aspects of estate planning.  As executor, I was responsible for selling a home for one of my client's estates.  My client had been ill for a number of years and had not been able to maintain her home as she would have liked.
     Because of the neglected condition of the property, we were faced with two possibilities: putting the home on the market at a greatly reduced asking price or investing money into repairs and updates in an attempt to recoup the home's true value.
     The team at Just Perfect!® provided a professional consultation to help me make an informed decision on my client's behalf.  They had wonderful suggestions on how to update the house for a reasonable price.  They provided an estimate and a written contract that provided both a time line and an outline of the changes they would make.
     Just Perfect!® and their subcontractors did an incredible job; by the time they were finished that neglected 15-year-old home looked like new construction.  They removed wallpaper, repainted rooms, changed carpet, added new landscaping to increase curb appeal, and transformed a home office into a third bedroom to boost the home's total value.  The entire project was completed in a month.
     I put the home on the market in February 2008, at a time when the housing market had severely declined.  Thanks to Just Perfect!'s improvements and expert staging, the home sold for the asking price just 33 days later.  After the cost of staging and improvements with Just Perfect!®, we netted a profit of $15,000 more than the house would have commanded in its original condition.
     Just Perfect!® completed the entire project within budget and on time, despite a short deadline.  I highly recommend Jessica and her company as an outstanding professional and a worthwile service."
 Judy Shaw, LTCA Legacy Planning

 "I truly believe this [Just the Basics Consultation] motivated Rebecca [client] to prepare her home for market.  It is always nice to have a professional home stager meet with clients instead of only the broker.  Thanks so much!"
 Susan Lawrence, Intracoastal Realty

 "I'm a Realtor who was referred to Just Perfect! by a builder that I work with frequently.  I had never worked with a staging service before, but once I saw the incredible results that Just Perfect!® generates, I knew it would be a useful and profitable service for many of my clients.  I have worked with Jessica and her team on several projects, and I think they're Just Great!  They're professional, responsive, and easy to work with.  Staging does help homes sell faster and the Jessica and her team know how to appeal to the right demographic through the choices they make.
     A recent example that comes to mind is a home Jessica staged in an exclusive gated community.  The house was on the market as a result of a divorce a, and the wife had taken most of the furnishings with her.  The sparsely decorated rooms didn't make much sense and the now very obvious wallpaper did nothing to help sell this desirable home.
     Just Perfect!® consulted with the husband (the seller), making suggestions to remove wallpaper, repaint certain rooms, and add pieces from her inventory to create a more cohesive look.  She also changed furniture placement.  There is a dramatic difference between the 'Before' and 'After', and my client is very pleased.  As the representing Realtor, I've also received lots of positive feedback from the realty group within the gated community who saw the home both pre- and post-staging.  They are impressed with the transformation and the ensuing results; traffic through the home has increased and there are now a couple of potentially interested buyers.
     Staging is an investment, but my experience with Just Perfect! has taught me that it's a wise investment."
 Sandy Monroe, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast
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